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Switching Pix 200 from 12 to 24h

Unlock and remove the cover.

Press the (+) and (E) buttons on the top of the unit at the same time, holding down for 2 seconds until SEt UP Pro9 appears on the display. The “▲” on the top of the display will be blinking.

Press the (+) button four times to position
the “▲” under the FRI.

Press the (E) button four times until the display reads:

“P3 Print Hour”

To set the printing style of hour. Press the (E) button again to display “Hour AM PM Prn 12H”. While the 12H is blinking, select either “AM PM 12H” or “24H” by pressing the (-) or (+) button.

Once your are done press the “▲” until “SEt UP Pro9” is on screen. Put thetop of the clock back on to exit programming mode.

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