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Card not being ejected on MJR-7000/8000

Why wont the card eject after its pulled in the MJR-7000/8000?
A common problem would be the DC Motor ( p/n  IR-630770 ). This is the motor that moves the carriage side to side. Sometimes just taping the clock on the right side will cause the card to eject. This is an indication of a faulty motor. Replace motor and test.
  1. MJR-7000, Tuesday entries (just 1 in and 1 out) are printed on the Monday row, masking Monday’s entries.Other days are fine. REPLY: Please call 800 253 9836.

  2. why is my MJA-8000 Series printing over and over the first day? REPLY: Day change time setting in address 056 (106 non EZ, page 16 from manual). Setting must be set to time before their first IN punch for the day. 800 896 7035

  3. my MJR-7000 start self check and never get stop, the printer bar kept running and the indicate light not turn on.Please recommend what is happening and what is the possible solution for it. ============================================================================== REPLY: Please call 800 896 7035.

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