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Time Guardian CLOUD


Amano Hosted Time and Attendance


Dear valued Amano customer,

Whether your currently using an Amano time and attendance product or have used one in the past, we want to thank you for trusting Amano to solve your employee tracking needs and offer you a SPECIAL PROMOTION BELOW.

We are pleased to announce the release of our new cloud based Hosted Time Guardian software. Try it free for 15 days with no obligation. Click the link below for more information.

This new hosted time and attendance system will work with a time clock, smart phone or PC. Do you have a mobile workforce or have employees working from home? You can now have them punch in and out from their PC, tablet or smart phone.

LIMITED TIME PROMOTION: Do you have an existing Amano time product or a competitors product? For a limited time you can get $100 off a new terminal when you trade in your old time clock or terminal and you sign up for our new hosted software. To take advantage of this limited time offer please contact our customer service team at 973-403-1900 ext. 7020. Please mention "Hosted trade-in offer" when calling.

For more information on our hosted time and attendance software please visit the link below or call our customer service team 973-403-1900 ext 7020.