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TCX-11, TCX-21, and TCX-22 Operation Manuals

The attached Operation Manuals discuss how to install, setup, and operate your Amano Model TCX-11, TCX-21, and TCX-22 Time Clocks. Please view and/or download these attachments for complete operational instructions.
Note: the TCX-22 Operation Manual is in English and Spanish. Please use for TCX-11 and TCX-21 if Spanish is necessary as the operational procedures are very similar.
  • Attached Files
  • tcx-11_oper_manual.pdf (163.12 KB) 3376
  • tcx-21_oper_manual.pdf (413.02 KB) 2000
  • tcx-22_oper_manual.pdf (433.2 KB) 1296
    1. I can not find anywhere how to read the time on your TCX-11 (read it like a regular clock) what number reads 2:35? or there a chart for this?Thank you REPLY: Please call 800 253 9836.

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