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PIX-200 Atomic Clock Operation Manual

This Operation Manual discusses how to install, setup, and/or operate the Amano Model PIX-200. Also included is a separate attachement which is a Quick-Start Guide for simple and quick installation notes.
Note: for additional information on available options for this Time Clock please consult Amano or your authorized Amano dealer [dealer locations can be obtained by going to 
Please view and/or download these documents for complete installation and operational information.
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  • ajr-501102-pix-200_oper_manual.pdf (793.18 KB) 4281
  • ajr-501200-pix-200_quick_start_guide.pdf (124.94 KB) 3541
    1. Will my Amano PIX-200 work our bell for breaks,etc? REPLY: Please call 800 253 9836.

    2. my pix200 does not punched while it’s ok am replace catge but steal not punched REPLY: Please contact 800 253 9836.

    3. I purchased a PIX-200 Dec.2015. It’s starting to have a recurring problem with the print mechanism dropping down to print and not returning to it’s "up" position. I have found that I have to remove the top cover, slide the print ribbon carriage to the front, then replace the cover and hit the manual button for the clock to resume printing as usual. Please advise as to what should be done to correct the problem. Thank you. REPLY: Please call 800 253 9836.

    4. How can you print the time shown on the screen as complete, with hr:min:sec, like 7:48:34 ? REPLY: See page 3-5 and bottom of 6-1/6-2. 800 253 9836

    5. HiWe having a problem with setting the date on a AMANO PIX-200 date and time machine,according to the manual I should simultaneously press and E to access the menu but that does not help on all machines we have on the complex, your assistance on this would be highly appreciated.Regards REPLY: Please call 800 253 9836

    6. My Amano Pix-200 Atomic Time Clock will not allow punches before 4:00 a.m. We need to have the time clock available for punches 24 hours a day, due to the nature of our business. Does this have anything to do with the 12H or 24H feature? Please advise REPLY: Please call 800 253 9836.

    7. How can you convert 1650 into 4:30 p.m. REPLY: See page 3-9 to change display formatting. As for print formatting, see 3-5 for custom comment printing where you can select AM/PM.

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