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PIX-75 Time Clock Will Not Print

Problem: The PIX-75 Time Clock will not print on the time card.

Solution I:
Make sure the COVER is securely fastened.  If the time is not being displayed on the LCD screen once the cover has been replaced, remove the cover and try to fasten it again.  (note: if the voice mode is set to "enabled" unit will state "voice mode disabled" once cover is properly secured)
Solution II:
Make sure your PRINT METHOD is properly programmed (options: Auto, Manual, Combination).
See Installation and Operation Guide in the Knowledge Base for a detailed description of this function.
  1. I have an Amano PIX-75, it was getting stuck half way through the print and it was fixed so it does not get stuck anymore, however, now it will not print at all, it sounds and acts like it is printing but will not. REPLY: Please call 800 253 9836

  2. I have a amano pix-75. and stop printing I replace ribbon and now it said print buffer empty. what I shoud do REPLY: Please call 800 253 9836.

  3. All of the sudden, it has no power?? What to do? Plug it into another area, same thing? REPLY: Please call 800 253 9836.

  4. I have an amano PIX-75 that will only print randomly. Have replaced ink ribbon and securely replaced the cover. ============================================================================== REPLY: Please call us at 800 253 9836. We need more info if it's printing randomly even with no paper inserted or if it's printing random characters when a paper is inserted.

  5. I have an Amano Pix-75. Just yesterday, our Amano loss all power. AC is still plugged in but no power on LCD screen. Help? ============================================================================== REPLY: It's possible the 75 has suffered a power surge if your clock is not currently attached to surge protector. The unit may need to be serviced. Please call 800 896 7035.

  6. I nedded to change the new time, lost manuel how can changeit or get me a new manuel ? ============================================================================== REPLY: Manual -

  7. I have an amano PIX 75 atomic time clock that just quit printing. I have checked to see that the print cylinder is lined up correctly - and have correctly installed a new ribbon, but still the printing is so faint it is illegible. ============================================================================== REPLY: It's possible the print head needs to be pushed in since it's gotten misaligned or you need to advanced the ribbon a few clock wise turns. Aside from that, it may need to be repaired. 800 253 9836

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