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PIX-55 Atomic Time Clock

This Operation Manual discusses how to install and/or setup your Amano Model PIX-55 Atomic Time Clock.
Please download this User Guide for complete operational instructions.
Also, please note you will need your key to open the clock cover to access programming fucntions, correct any paper jams, and change ribbon cartridges.
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    1. The year always prints 79, tried several times to change it to 19, but when we print afterwards it has gone back to 79, even when we go back in the date programming. It’s like the change we make doesn’t take... REPLY: Please call 800 253 9836.

    2. I have a PIX 55 it keeps going on and off all the time. pls advice. REPLY: Please call 800 253 9836.

    3. My Print head is stuck in the front position instead of in the back REPLY: Please call 800 253 9836.

    4. I have a pix-55 and the minuets are changing as if they are seconds the seconds are also changing at the same time. is there a way to stop this? REPLY: Please call 800 253 9836.

    5. I have a POX-55 series PIX-10 and the battery no longer retains the date/Time during a power outage. Are there instructions on what type of replacement battery I should get and how to replace it.Thanks,Ken REPLY: Please call 800 253 9836.

    6. Just received my new Pix 55. I am trying to set it up like our old Pix 10 and Pix 20 time clocks, i.e.: MONTH, DATE, 12 Hr., MINUTES (NO YEAR). I cannot find that print setup. How can I do this? ============================================================================================== REPLY: The available styles are in page 4 - 800 896 7035

    7. i have a amano pix 55 i am wondering if and how i can change time settings to 10th of an hour. ============================================================================== REPLY: You may select print styles from the manual - 10th of the hour may not be possible for the 55 but 100th is available.

    8. I just gor a PIX-55 and the ad said it could print military time. I do not see any instructions on how to change this. ============================================================================== REPLY: This will be under PRINT STYLE in the manual. 800 896 7035

    9. I have a TCX-45 can I get the clear plastic see thru cover the one we have can not see thru all scratched up.Thank You ============================================================================== REPLY: Please call 800 3676649 for parts.

    10. We had a power outage and now when we try to clock in our Amano pix-55 continuously prints the time until the time card is pulled out. I have tried turning the auto print off and then back on again, and also pressed the reset button on the back but neither have helped. How do we get it to just put the time once? ============================================================================== REPLY: It's possible there is a problem or dirt on the paper detect sensor. With power disconnected, try to blow with can of compressed air. If the issue returns then it needs repair. 800 896 7035

    11. We have a PIX-55 time clock it is printing the date fine but the time has "dots" missing and we can not tell the times the employees clock in and out. ================================================================================== REPLY: You can switch to another print style. See manual - If time still does not show, then it will need servicing. Fill/fax/wait for reply -

    12. I have a Prt E4 error - what do I do to unstick the carriage? ============================================================================== REPLY: See link -

    13. My Pix-55 is printing the year only continously,no time, no month or day. How can I fix this problem? ============================================================================== REPLY: It's possible the data brown ribbon has damage, please call 800 253 9836 for troubleshooting.

    14. Just got a new TCX-45 and need to set it to print military time. I must be missing something in the directions in the manual to this. Please help. ================================================================================== REPLY: See page 4 for military print formats -

    15. My Amano PIX-55 can print Year, Month and date. But not printing time. How can I resolve this problem ? ============================================================================== REPLY: Reselect your print format. If this does not resolve the issue, there may be a sharp fold on the brown data cable behind the ink cartridge.

    16. Is this unit self-totaling? ================================================================================== REPLY: Unfortunately, no but there are other clock models and also time guardian that will produce totals. Please call 800 367 6649.

    17. Our PIX-55 will jump an hour even after we have reset it and in March when time changed it was finally on the right time until a couple of weeks ago and it jumped or sprang ahead an hour. So it seems to always be an hour ahead. Do you have any suggestions ============================================================================== REPLY: Possibly your clock still has incorrect day light savings dates. Should be 3/10 and 11/3 for this year. See video to update your clock -

    18. All print outs were in English, suddenly it changed to Spanish. How do I change it back to English.Thanks ============================================================================== Solution: Press "program" for 2 seconds then release. ('date P1' should be on the screen) Press "change" 4 times (Ot hr P5 should be on the screen) Press "enter" 1 time. (Prnt 11 should be on the screen) Press "change" 1 time (Lang 12 should be on the screen) Press "enter" 1 time. - Your current language setting will be displayed. (spanish = "5Pn L2" on screen) Press "change" button until you see "En9 L1" Press "enter" one time. (lan9 12 should be on screen again.)Press "program" 1 time. Perform a test imprint.

    19. I HAVE AN AMANO PIX 55 AND I JUST REPLACED THE RIBBON AND NOTICED THE LAST NUMBER OF THE TIME IS NOT PRITING, IE, 8:2 I LOOKED ALL TRHOUGH THE MANUAL AND COULD NOT FIND A SOLUTION, WHAT SHOULD I DO? THANKS REPLY: Please call 800 253 9836. It is possible the brown ribbon data cable behind the print head has sharp fold.

    20. I HAVE AMANO MODEL PIX 55 showed low on ink bought new ribbon rplaced but clock will not print at all called today to cincnnati office helped to walk through still will not print they told me there is a big button upfront to push but i could not find any such button i reset but did not help. could some body show me the button up front on the screen. please HELP thanks call me at 662-392-9600 THANKS REPLY: See page 1 for PRINT BUTTON -

    21. I have a Atomic PIX-55 Electronic Time Recorder and it is running out of ink. How do I purchase more ink? REPLY: You will need a key and new ink.

    22. I have an Amano PIX 55 time clock and would like for it to print darker. How can I make this happen? REPLY: You may just need a new ribbon. Please call 800 367 6649.

    23. I have a PIX 55 that will not print time. The year, month, day did fine when I replaced the ink ribbon. I reset it to pr1 and now I cannot get it to print at all. I reset all the items in the manual without any luck. My machine is out of warranty, should I replace it? REPLY: We can repair your clock for flat rate of $100. Please fill/fax this form and we will provide the address/RMA#.

    24. How do I change the time clock from PM to AM? Thanks David REPLY: Open clock with key Press the +1 HOUR until shows AM

    25. Message: Our pix 55 has started double printing the date when timecards are inserted - the time prints properly ie DDec 1111 12:09PM Reply: If the unit is printing the date information twice, the print format menu needs to be reset. Please call 800-253-9836 for assistance resetting your print format. thank you

    26. We are using a PIX-55. While resetting the time, we don’t know how to set the seconds to our plant break buzzer. Reply: Please call 800 253 9836.

    27. I have a Amano pix55 that is not printing. I purchased a new cartridge and is still not printing. The print head is moving normally. What else can be done? REPLY: Please call 800 253 9836

    28. We had a power outage and our Atomic Timeclock has an error message of 21. We’ve tried to unplug and reset, but the number want go away. Time is of the essence. Reply: Please call 800 253 9836.

    29. I just changed the ribbon on the PIX-55, but the last 2 numbers of the time are not printing very well. Appears with spaces. Is there anything I can do to fix this issue without shipping the unit in for repairs? Reply: Please call 800 253 9836

    30. After electricity outage the clock is printing upside down. How can I correct this problem?Thanks Reply: Please call 800 253 9836

    31. We have an Amano PIX-55 and a TCX-45. Is it possible to get replacement print heads for these. The print on the PIX-55 is missing a few rows and is impossible to read. Reply: Please call 800 367 6649 for availability.

    32. What is the step by step procedure to change the print ribbon? Is it difficult? Reply: See page 10 -

    33. Our pix-55 clock just stopped working, blank screen so no error codes... is there something we can do to reset it or is it time for a new one? Reply: If there is no display, open the unit with key and check the 2 ribbons above and below the buttons. These may have come loose. The above is white and below is brown. For further assistance, call 800 253 9836.

    34. Our PIX-55 won’t advance the date. Also in pr-3 it gives the month in number rather than text. Any ideas? Reply: You must first clear the pr-3 error by using the link - As for the date issue, please call us 800 253 9836

    35. We had an extended power outage and it is now printing an error code. ’12FEBRCV’D2012. I believe this will be settled with the time resets. My question is, where is and how do I change the battery so I can avoid this in the future? Reply: There is no battery to avoid this but you will need a surge protector or a UPS device. For more assistance, please call us at 800 253 9836.

    36. I have the Amano PIX-55, I don’t have the key to open and set the time. How can I set the time if I don’t have the key? Please reply.Thank you! Reply: You will need to order the key - 800 367 6649.

    37. my pix-55 will not print- has a code showing Prt E4, I unplugged it for a few seconds and plugged it back in it worked fine for only one punch. Help!!! Reply:

    38. our time was printed with unprinted lines through it - so we figured we needed a new ink ribbon (it had been awhile) - ordered new ribbon, replaced according to directions - still not printing right - checked brown ribbon behind print head, checked that ribbon was over print foot, plastic shield seems to be ok - anything else I can check? Was purchased in 2004 - so it’s not under warranty. Please advise. Reply: We are not understanding your statement "checked brown ribbon behind print head, checked that ribbon was over print foot". Normally if the PIX55 is not printing properly after replacing the ribbon, it may need to be factory reset or the brown ribbon has a sharp fold or crease which is a sign of damage. Please call us for more info, 800 367 6649.

    39. We have a PIC-55. Need to change to military time. Pressed and held down the program button many times, but dAtE pi does not appear on the screen. Am I missing a step? Reply: You can only change the print style to military - see page 4 on manual.

    40. We have an Amano PIX-55, our company time is 4 minutes behend the Amano atomic time. We would like to set the Amano clock to match the company time. Can the time be set back 4 minutes on the Amano atomic clock? Reply: Yes, open the clock with the key and press the +1 Minute button until it shows the right minute. Note that it will only go forward. So, keep increasing the minute even pass 59.

    41. I have a PIX - 55 Atomic timeclock. I have no key to open it to set time etc. How can I obtain a key? Reply: Contact 800 367 6649 or

    42. My timeclock doesn’t print time clearly but the date is perfect. What do you think I should do? Reply: There could be a fold or crease on the inside brown data cable behind the print mechanism. Please call us to confirm. 800 896 7035 option 1

    43. Can a pix 55 be changed to military time Reply: Yes, this is only possible in the print styles only. Please call 800 253 9836 or refer to the manual -

    44. Question: We have Amano PIX=55, for some reason it doesn’t automatically print when timecard is inserted. It does print when we push the black bar underneath the timecard. How do we get it to print automatically? Reply: Cheri, here are the steps to follow to turn the Auto-Print feature on: 1. Press the PROGRAM button for 2 seconds, then release. (screen reads "dAte P1"). 2. press the CHANGE button 4 times (screen reads: "Ot hr P5") 3. Press the ENTER button once (screen reads: "Prnt 11") 4. Press the CHANGE button 3 times (screen reads: "APrt 14") 5. Press the ENTER button once. (screen will read either "P:5 on" or "off") 6. Press the CHANGE button until the screen reads "P on". 6. Press the ENTER button once. (screen will read "APrt 14") 7. Press the PROGRAM button once to exit. The clock should now print in the automatic mode.

    45. I would like mu PIX-55 to print the month, date and time in 1/100’s without the year. Is this possible? Reply: Yes, use Pr-3 or print style 3. See manual in -

    46. We bought this time clock a while back, and havent used it in a very long time. We would like to use it now, but them time is not correct and we have misplaced the key, is there anyway we can order a key? Hello, you can order a key from our website,, or call our Distribution Center @ 800-367-6649.

    47. I have an alamo timeclock and it just stopped printing giving er 3 on screen. I am in Cincinnati. Where can I take it to be fixed? Reply: It normally does not need to be sent in for repair. Please check this article first If the problem persists, please contact us at or 800 253 9836.

    48. will not print time it will print day Kyra, It is possible that there is a problem with the "print head cable" in the unit, which would require a repair by a service center. Please call us at 800-253-9836 so we may determine if your unit is still under warranty. thank you.

    49. I NEED THE CONCTAC IN PUERTO RICO. I NEED INK TO MODEL PIX -55THANKS Reply: Please contact or 800 367 6649.

    50. excellent complete owner manual,was exactlywhat I was looking for after buying an usedamano px-55 punch clock

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