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EX-9000 Series Operation Manual

This Operation Manual discusses how to install and/or setup your Amano Model EX-9000 Electronic Time Clock.
Please download this manual for complete operational instructions.
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    1. If anyone has, i need Operaton Manual for Amano Model 9200PJ, for setting Date and Time.... pse email me, Tq REPLY: Please call 800 253 9836.

    2. I have an ex9000 that will not correctly sync the external analog clock with the internal digital time stamp clock, it also displays an err1 code when ever the unit is opened. please advise as to a solution.Thank You Anthony REPLY: Please call 800 253 9836 for troubleshooting.

    3. Hello,How do you get the morning hours to clock in on the right day. when the afternoon comes it is perfect clocking in and out.The am hours is the problem! ============================================================================== REPLY: Perhaps the day change time is incorrect in your settings. Please call 800 896 7035 for assistance.

    4. HELLO , I LOOKING FOR A MANUAL IN SPANISH OF THE MODEL AMANO EX 9000, CAN YOU SAY ME WHERE WE CAN DOWNLOAD ============================================================================== REPLY: We do not carry a spanish manual for EX9000. Please call 800 896 7035.

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