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BX-1500 Electronic Time Recorder Operation Manual

The attached document discusses how to install and/or setup your Amano BX-1500 Electronic Time Recorder. Please download this Operation Manual for complete operational instructions.
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  • bx1500-oper-manual.pdf (1.83 MB) 13968
  • bx1500_esp.pdf (1.5 MB) 1585
    1. I need the reset to fctory default REPLY: Please call 800 253 9836.

    2. HelloI want Danish manual-book for AMANO Electronic time Recorder BX 1500.Where can i get it ??Kind regards REPLY:

    3. Please contact 800 367 6649 for pricelist.For types, go to then click on the PRODUCTS link.

    4. pls send comlete details of deferent types electronic time recorders with pricelist.

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