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BX-1600 Electronic Time Recorder Operation Manual

Please see the attached PDF document for detailed instructions on how to install and/or setup
your Amano BX-1600 Electronic Time Recorder. Download and open the attached PDF with
Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat version 6 or higher.
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  • bx1600-oper-manual.pdf (2.73 MB) 8492
    1. How to resolve Error code 4 on BX1600 REPLY: Please call 800 253 9836.

    2. What about er-04?Please help. REPLY: Please call 800 253 9836.

    3. Good Day!Were using Amano BX-1600:Im having problem in the output print. There’s a diamond in the date that supposed to be date digit number. Can you please help me fix this problem? Will be waiting for your reply. Thank you. REPLY: Please call 800 253 9836.

    4. Flamwood steers And Fishaway It’s the 24 but our machine is clocking in on the 23 If you could assist us it would be grate. Thanx Nr. 018 464 2904 MOLLIE REPLY: Please call 800 253 9836.

    5. gud day... i have amano bx1600 electronic time recorder and i cant use the out button.. please2 what is the problem of this? i need your help.. please help me REPLY: Please call 800 253 9836.

    6. how can i fix the error E-03? REPLY: E03 = Error of printing timing pulse sensor. Contact the dealer from whom you bought the time recorder. 800 896 7035

    7. Thank you for your technical support.

    8. Can you please send to me BX 1600-oper -manual PDF. In. Spanish please . I will really appreciate for that tank you. Just buy one of your products in Ecuador Need. To be program and my English isn’t. Very good. Thanks ============================================================================== REPLY: Please call us for assistance in spanish. 800 253 9836

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