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I can’t see Time Attendance modules after upgrading to Time Attendance from Nexus Lite Management

I have Nexus Lite Management software and I have just purchased Time Attendance. How come I cannot see Time Attendance related modules in the application tree view?

The Nexus Lite Management setup wizard creates a user with the Access privilege. This user by default does not have access to the Time Attendance modules. Since, you are logged in with Access privilege, you are not able to see the Time Attendance related modules.

Follow the steps below to create a new user with an Administrator privilege.

1. Login into Nexus Lite Management using your username/password
2. Click on Users in Tree View (Setup -> Users)
3. Click on the + button to add a new user - A new dialog will open.
4. Type in a username in the name field
5. Select Administrator in the Group field
6. Click on the password tab
7. Type in a password and Confirm password.
8. Click on apply - Dialog closes & user is created.
9. Go to: File->Log off
10. Login as the new user you have created.
11. If you see Timecard under Daily Activities on the Tree View the procedure has succeeded.

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