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Nexus Lite Management Quick-Start Guide

Download the attached Quick Start Guide for Nexus Lite Management (NLM). This document describes "How to setup NLM using the Setup Wizard for use with Amano Nexus Lite controller for access control. Also, see
the Nexus Lite Quick-Start Guide for how to setup/install the controller. See also documentation for the Web
Interface, Controller, and/or Multi-Discipline Readers.
For operational use of NLM see Chapter 23: Nexus Lite Management in the TG Series User Guide.
  • Attached Files
  • amx-700200-nlm-qsg.pdf (695.24 KB) 5788
  • nexuus-lite-touch-screen-manual.pdf (251.42 KB) 2010
  • mdr-reader-manual.pdf (494.99 KB) 1878
  • nexus-lite-web-interface-manual.pdf (593.99 KB) 1618
  • user-guide.pdf (9.38 MB) 1440
  • nexus-lite-controller-install-manual.pdf (593.13 KB) 1230
  • anx-104900.pdf (788.25 KB) 1174
    1. I need to added new employees finger prints to the system but I do not have the manual REPLY: Please call 800 896 7035.

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