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  1. PIX-55 Looks fine on the screen. Prints: 20 JULRGN 5:16pmHow do I fix it to print the "DAY" instead of RGN? REPLY: Please call 800 253 9836.

  2. PIX 55. Time Difference of 2 to 4 minutes. Resetting time may work for couple of hours and then again a time difference.this clock suppose to update to the standard time automatically. REPLY: Please call 800 253 9836.

  3. I unplugged the Amano Pix-55 just to add a power strip with surge protector and when employees clocked in the next day the time was off by 6 hours. If re-set could this happen again? It was unplugged for just a minute or two and the time seemed to be right. REPLY: Please call 800 253 9836.

  4. We have an Amano PIX-10 timeclock that is locked shut.Unable to put card inHave hit reset, nothinghave to enter times by pen REPLY: Please call 800 253 9836.

  5. How do you change the time to military time? REPLY: Please call 800 253 9836.

  6. I am the secretary at our office and we had to replace the ink, and now it will print but very slowly and not dark enough to read. What do I need to do? REPLY: Please call 800 253 9836.

  7. Our time clock does not print dark enough. I have replaced the cartridge twice is there a density setting on the unit? REPLY: Please call 800 253 9836.

  8. Clock is printing only top half of time/date. I have replaced ribbon twice. REPLY: Please call 800 253 9836.

  9. We had to unplug our time clock and move it for painting. Now we cannot get the date to print JUL it keeps printing 7 REPLY: Please call 800 253 9836.

  10. TIME CHANGE BY SELF REPLY: Please call 800 253 9836.

  11. There is a blank line that runs between our date/time. We have tried changing the ribbon with no success. REPLY: Please call 800 253 9836.

  12. we changed ribbon now paper will not slide in and also where is th ereset button? REPLY: Please call 800 253 9836.

  13. I have always changed my time on my time clock when it is daylight savings time. This fall it seemed to do it by itself, however now the month is messed up. Last week when it should have printed "DEC" for December it printed "DIC" and this month it is saying "ENE" when it should say "JAN" for January. Can this be reset somehow? REPLY: It looks like you have it on spanish language. Please call 800 253 9836 for correction.

  14. lost power. no light, no printing REPLY: Please contact 800 253 9836.

  15. My Pix 55 stopped printing when you place a paper in the aperture and then appears the message Prt Er, so you have to unplugge it and plug it again and the sate and hour appears. But does not print. Please tell me what to do or if you can repair it how much will it cost. REPLY: Please call 800 253 98 36

  16. MY company’s PIX-55 stopped stamping when you place a paper in the aperture. It doesn’t move, make a noise, or anything. The time still seems to work, however. REPLY: Please call 800 253 9836.

  17. I changed my ribbon and now it only prints the date, no time. REPLY: This could be a print head issue. Please call us at 800 253 9836.

  18. Model PIX 55. Don’t know what happened. Came in today and the time had advanced an hour overnight. Press the change button to change time and the minutes will advance but the hours will not. How can I fix this. REPLY: Please call 800 367 6649

  19. PIX-55 prints X for year, I’ve changed it, display shows no year ============================================================================================== REPLY: The unit may need to be factory reset. Please call 800 896 7035.

  20. Our date is showing LAG22 10:21 Today is September 22, @ 10:21... Tried resetting system. Ours is the PIX-55 ============================================================================================== REPLY: Please call us. We need to verify the language setting or may need to factory reset your clock. 800 896 7035

  21. Our PIX-55 works fine, but the time is always about 3 minutes fast. we have checked it against our cell phones, computer and other atomic clock and they all have the same time, except the time clock is always 3 minutes fast. is there a way to fix this. thanks in advance for your help ============================================================================================== REPLY: Please call us so we can enable the atomic time feature if you have good signal. 800 253 9836

  22. my pix 55 was unplugged over the weekend and now wont print keeps giving prt er tried resetting and unplugging it sevral times. the screen will show date and time until you try to punch a time card and then it shows prt er. I tried calling but was on hold for twenty minutes. ============================================================================================== REPLY: PRT ER is a general error. Start with unpowering the unit. Blow insides of clock with can of compressed air. Repower. If error shows, the unit may need to be repaired. Fill/fax/wait for reply - 800 896 7035

  23. Error message pr1 or pr3 is showing even after power resets.Help me ============================================================================== REPLY: Try this -

  24. my pix-55 prints only half date and time, how do I fix this? ============================================================================== REPLY: Please call us as it could be an issue with your printhead and requires servicing. 800 896 7035x1

  25. Lost power now prints 15 JAN 11 11 JAN 9:10 ================================================================================== REPLY: Please call 800 896 7035 for troubleshooting.

  26. My PIX 10 is not working. I went to change the time and it just stop working. I reset the button after the printer device went down. It says to press the reset and pull up on it. I did. Nothing happened. No digital letters or numbers. How do I get it to work again? ============================================================================== REPLY: Please call 800 253 9836 for assistance.

  27. After replacing the cartridge, a dark smear/smudge is printing when it stamps. I’ve tried several different cartridges, sent photos of the inside to the cartridge company, and installed your brand as well, and the smear remains. The cartridge is installed correctly. Help? ============================================================================== REPLY: There may be some damage on the print head. We service these units for $100 flat rate if over the 1 year warranty. Fill/fax/wait for reply -

  28. Printing upside down!How do I fix? ============================================================================== REPLY: This can be fixed by changing your print direction. See page 4 -

  29. My time clock shows AA AA 41 on the display screen. Cannot reprogram or change the screen. I have tried to unplug to reset and doesn’t work. I tried pressing the program button and holding for 2 seconds, nothing. HELP! ============================================================================== REPLY: Please call 800 253 9836 so we can troubleshoot. There is a chance that it will need to be serviced.

  30. The print head prints only the top 3/4’sof time/date etc. on the time card. Ribbon has been changed and reset button pushed. ============================================================================== REPLY: Please call us to troubleshoot as there may be a print head issue. 800 896 7035

  31. My PIX-55 will not print the date shown but instead prints "100 100 10" The time shown is correct but it doesn’t print it. Anything to try? I am going to unplug and hope it reboots in some way.Thanks ============================================================================== REPLY: It may be best to reset to factory or you can call us to troubleshoot. 800 896 7035 To reset -

  32. PIX-55 will only print the date and not the time. I have tried your 800 ============================================================================== REPLY: Try changing your print style format to another under P4 menu then do a test print. If no time on the prints, then unit may need to be submitted for service. Fill/fax/wait for reply -

  33. Out PIX55 shows regular time on screen but puts military time on cards. How do I change this? ============================================================================== REPLY: You will need to change print style for 12hr format. See manual page 4-

  34. How do I change the date. Today is 3/13/2014 and it is showing 3/14/2014.jg ============================================================================== REPLY: See page 3 -

  35. Brown cable is bent how do i get a new one? ================================================================================== REPLY: The unit will need to be submitted for repair. Please use form -

  36. Or pix-55 lost power and now I cant change the time to be 24hr military time only 12hr. How do I change it? ============================================================================== REPLY: If you are able to get to the P1 menu, you can proceed to P4. See here for print style adjustment,

  37. We have a PIX-55 and when it prints the time (military time) the last number of the time does not print. Ex: ’13NOV25 13.2Thank you,Cindy REPLY: Please call 800 896 7035x1. It's possible there is dirt on the print head or damage on the print cable.

  38. We have an error message, "PrE Er" therefore, nothing prints. We have tried resetting seval times but nothing works. Any suggestions?Thank you, ============================================================================== REPLY: Unplug the power of the unit. Open the cover with key. Blow compressed can of air on unit for dust. Repower unit. If the error returns, please call us at 800 253 9836.

  39. WHEN INSERTING TIME CARD MACHINE MAKES A NOISE BUT DON’T LOWER DOWN ============================================================================== REPLY; Most likely the print may not be firing. You can try to move the carriage back and forward vise versa to see if the print head touches the paper. If it does, power cycle the unit and insert a paper. If still fails, it needs to be repaired. Please call 800 253 9836.

  40. PIX-55 will only print the date and not the time? Reply: There may possibly be a damage in the printhead data brown cable. Please call 800 253 9836.

  41. We had a power outage and now our PIX-55 time clock does not work. There is a little light inside of it, but nothing comes up on the screen or display. What could I do to make it work again? (it is asleep and I need to wake it up). Please call me with any help at 909-865-5085 option 4. Thanks a lot Reply: The display board may have been damaged by the power surge. We offer a flat rate fee to repair your unit if it is out of warranty. 800 367 6649 We tried to reach you but could only leave a voicemail.

  42. I’ve replaced the ribbon because the light was blinking but the time and date doesnt print properly. Please call with help in this matter.1-800-331-4092 Reply: We tried to reach you but could only leave a voice mail. Please call us at 800 253 9836.

  43. No matter what I try, the date reverts to 2014. Every other paramater can be changed and saved but the date. I have followed the instructions with out success. Reply: Please call us at 800 253 9836.

  44. We have a PIX-55 at our job. I have gone through the steps on how to change the date over and over. It will not keep what i have put in for the date. Also when we go to clock in there is a line that appears on top of the date and time. Reply: Please call us at 800 253 9836. After changing the date and the entire new date programmed is blinking - you must press ENTER to go back to P1 then press PROGRAM.

  45. I have changed the ribbon cartridge. It prints with a line through the time. I have taken it out and put it back in several times. Turned the knob clockwise several times. Pushed the Reset button, and the change and enter buttons. What else can I do to get a clean print?Thank you for your help,Beverly

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