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Disable PIN/PWD/keypad punching on clock

Disable PIN/PWD/keypad punching on clock

In Time Guardian version 4 or lower:

  1. Go to the communication menu
  2. Poll/download
  3. Select downloading

In Time Guardian version 5 or higher:

  1. Go to the edit menu
  2. Setup wizard
  3. Clock tab
  4. Location/terminal button (for tgpro, go directly to locations from the tree menu)
  5. Terminals tab
  6. Double click on the terminal/serial
  7. Options tab
  8. Uncheck keypad
  9. Apply settings by clicking on green box with check mark all the way out of the wizard
  10. Go to the tree, locations
  11. Highlight the clock
  12. Click on the download icon, bottom right, third from the left, green box with blue down arrow

The above will disable the keypad on the MTX-15 clock.

To disable keypad on the FPT-40, during enrollment - choose the FP option ONLY and not ones that show "PWD".

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