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FPT80: 4 digit limit for user ID

Unlike it’s predecessor the FPT-40, the new FPT-80 has a firmware that is capable of handling 10 digit numbers during enrollment but to be Time Guardian compatible we recommend to limit your max digit for user ID enrollments up to 4 digits only.

4 digits (or less) = Time Guardian compliant

5 digits or more = NOT Time Guardian compliant

Having 5 digits or more of the user ID when enrolling fingerprints can result to punches not being processed in TG regardless if your clock communication is valid. These punches will be ignored. 

Punches must originate and must be associated to a 4 digit (or less) user ID from the FPT-80 time clock itself.

If you’ve already enrolled your fingerprints with 5 digits (or more), we recommend to delete the individual enrollments or perform a mass erase of all users in the FPT-80.

NOTE: Feb. 2017 - This limitation is no longer present in version 5.6 and Pro 4.6. New limits: FPT80 = 5 and MTX30 = 9. These new versions are only dependent on the badge number field to match with the clock badge number.

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