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Failed to authenticate client in asa service

ERROR: Failed to authenticate client in asa service

Activation issues can happen if you have a TG server and TG client losses connection to TG server. It can also happen if your TG server or your main TG pc has multiple network cards (wifi and wired). It’s recommended to disable all network cards except 1 on this main TG machine then activate.


Activation should only be done on your tg server or main tg pc only.

  1. De la noche a la mañana, mi Time Guardian dejó de funcionar. Me dice que la activación a fallado. Lo instalo nuevamente en otra PC y el problema sigue siendo el mismo. Acaso borraron el numero de activación que se pagó? Pq envié un correo electrónico y lo que me quieren es cobrar, por algo que se compra desde un principio (numero de licencia). REPLY: Llámenos al 973 403 1900 x3 x8 o al 973 403 6713. 1 (800) 526 2559 x 8

  2. I’m using 1 LAN Card only I installed the Time Guardian 5.6 Server on the server After installing the client on the Client Machine but it says ASA is not running I checked the services if there is an ASA Service but I cannot found one REPLY: The service will only reside on the server box. 800 896 7035

  3. everything was working yesterday but I tried to run the software and it gave me this message. I tried to reinstall the program but it gave me a weird message. something about different UI!! REPLY: Reinstalling is dangerous when you did not backup your db(data) before. Please call us so we can check if your data is not lost. 800 896 7035x2

  4. This issue occurred when I changed the installer path from its default. Tried using C:Program FilesTimeGuardian directory and I will get this error. Application will open the first time, but not on subsequent launches. REPLY: This can be a limitation with Windows UAC. Please call for assistance. 800 896 7035

  5. had a virus on my computer and after it was fixed My ASA license was somehow deleted so now I cannot access my time guardian(oroduct key 100008690. timecard information. Please help me!! REPLY: If you are still having an issue, please try to activate it again or call 800 896 7035.

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