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How to Use Email with a Report

ATVS: How to Use Email with a Report

1.      Create the report with a valid email address and click the   Run Report icon.
2.      Click on the Print button 
3.      Check the Print to File box. We highly recommend selecting the PDF File on the Type drop down menu. You may also use Bitmap File.
4.      Enter a filename with extension in the Where field, and this file will be generated in the ATVS folder then emailed (within seconds) to the account defined in the settings of the report.

Note: Depending on the type of report being created, selecting the non-PDF/Bitmap File format types may result in a blank file due to complexity of formatting. The PDF/Bitmap File types are the closest almost exact copy of the report format when it is shown on display-only after running. Bitmap may generate in larger file size.

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