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unable to ping wifi IP on AFR and MTX-30 models




While your time clock shows wifi CONNECTED and signal is STRONG- you are unable to ping the wifi IP of the unit unless you connect a network cable from the unit to the router


Without any network cables connected to your time clock, simply adjust the menu settings and the wifi IP ping will be fixed-

Menu for mtx-30 is m/ok, while AFR is the 6 dots

  1. press menu
  2. go to comms
  3. ethernet
  4. set DHCP to ON



menu\comms\ethernet\dhcp = This is normally used for wired network but in case of wifi, this has to be on for the wifi to function properly, regardless! However, dhcp can be set to off if needed when using wired connection but this is not required for models with "cloud server settings".

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