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How to Set Daylight Saving Functions for PIX-10/15/21

The attached document contains instructions on how to set Daylight Saving (DST) features on the Amano
Model PIX-10, PIX-15, and PIX-21 Time Clocks.
These instructions also contain embedded Flash [FLV] Videos. You can control the play features of each
video. Simply click on the video to play.
Note: the embedded Flash videos may require Adobe Flash player [or similar Flash player] and Adobe Reader version 9 or higher to play.
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  • pix_10_15_21_dst-with-vids.pdf (9.08 MB) 2390
    1. Where do I get the proper print style codes? My PIX-10 display is only giving me numbers to choose from. I don’t know what numbers correlate to the print display I want. REPLY: Please call 800 253 9836.

    2. when I was resetting time-clock, somehow the am and pm are off. Right now it shows 1:42 am and it is actually 1:42 pm here in Texas. Any help would be appreciated. ============================================================================== REPLY: The time programming will need to be corrected, use military when setting during the afternoon - See page 5 and 6.

    3. We have a PIX 10. Somehow it became 12 hours off when it was reset for daylight savings time. How can I fix this? ============================================================================== REPLY: You will need to set the time and possibly also the date. See manual - Page 5 and 6

    4. Where can I find the embedded flash videos for help? ============================================================================== REPLY: You may need the latest adobe acrobat installed.

    5. We have a PIX-10. The front buttons appear to be locked. They do not click when you press them. ============================================================================== REPLY: The clock will need to be serviced. Fill/Fax/Wait for reply -

    6. How do you change the month. We changed the time for daylight savings and now it is showing May instead of March. My book doesn’t address changing the month. REPLY: See -

    7. Thank you for my being able to print the information I needed for our work time-clocks.

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