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TCX-11, TCX-21, and TCX-22 Time Clock Daylight Saving (DST) Instructions

This instruction sheet with embbedded flash (flv format) videos details how to setup daylight saving start and end dates. Also included is how to adjust time/date values and get into these programming features.
Please view and/or download the attachment for complete instructions.
Note: the embedded Flash videos may require Adobe Flash player [or similar Flash player] and Adobe Reader version 9 or higher to play.
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    1. I have a TCX-11 that gains time about 5 minutes in the last month.Is there something I can do? Or does it need service? REPLY: Please call 800 253 9836.

    2. The enter button does not work ============================================================================== REPLY: More than likely it has to be submitted for repair. Fill/fax/wait for reply -

    3. This article did not help me. I have a TCX-11 time clock which I have tried to program. At the end of the programing, it alwaiys reverts to the default date of ’98 01 01. when printing, that is the date that prints. The Serial Number for this clock is 332127275. Please help. Reply: This normally happens when a step is missed on setting the date. When you have programmed the correct date, make sure to do the following: 5. When the ENTIRE display flashes the correct year, month and date, press the ENTER button. 6. When the display flashes P1 dAtE, press the PROGRAM to exit

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