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How to change location of the Sentinel USB Key

Amano recommends the following steps for how to change location of the sentinel USB key for
Time Guardian (TG) Pro version 3.7 or lower and TG Plus version 1.
Use the following steps;
1.  Move the Sentinel Key to the new computer.
2.  Get the IP address of the new computer that you are moving the key to?
3.  Install the Sentinel driver program on the new computer.
4.  Go to the server where TG Pro is running.
5.  Add an environment variable in the System Menu of Windows - Advanced Tab.
6.  Choose System Variable (this will affect any profile logged in).
7.  Under System Variable add the following information:
8.  Variable Name = NSP_HOSTS
9.  Variable Value = (IP address of the computer with the Sentinel Ley).
10. Once you are finished, restart the Setinel services and then open TG Pro or TG Plus.

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