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The FPT-40 is not displaying hours worked

My fpt40 (Finger Print Terminal) is not displaying hours.


Please verify your employee’s badge and employee number match identically and no leading zeroes are permitted. Terminal Assignment or Terminal Validation must include all valid employees and/or assigned to the clock. You must perform a download to the clock for the current totals in the software to display in the unit upon clocking in or out. 

Note: The download can be automated setting up a schedule via the AutoProcess. The AutoProcess service must exist in the computer that has a direct or network connection to the clock. AutoProcess is available in Time Guardian version 5 and up only. 

  1. Can I remove the hours summary display from our FPT-80? REPLY: Most definitely, this is a setting in TG in locations. Open the 80 listing, go to terminal, open the serial, last tab, uncheck VIEW HOURS. Apply settings. In TG, go to communication, highlight 80 listing, click on green box with down arrow(no circle) for download. Finally, test. Any issues, call 800 896 7035.

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