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How to recover hand punch supervisor access

I was wondering if you could help! I have a Hand Punch unit and I have accidentally deleted myself from the AMANO Clock as a Supervisor.

Could you advice me How can I re-install myself as a Supervisor?

  1. Make sure you are listed as an employee in time guardian, your badge number must match your hand punch ID when you enroll at the clock
  2. Go to setup > terminals
  3. Go to assignments tab
  4.  Verify all employees are listed, if not – double click on terminal (highlighted blue), press the new white paper icon – top left and add/select all employees
  5. Go to HP commands tab
  6. Select poll then receive maps
  7. Then select clear maps and choose yes to erase all
  8. Enroll yourself at the clock
  9. Press clear , enter together
  10. Password 4
  11. Perform a test punch after the enroll
  12. Go to the HP commands tab and poll, then receive maps
  13. Finally send maps and download
  14. Then test if you have access at the clock, as well as others

Note: The above steps are based on Time Guardian version 4.x or lower

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