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How to move your data from TimeAttendant to TimeGuardian and upgrade

How to move your data from TimeAttendant to TimeGuardian 4.x(or under)

The below entails a how to move your data from Time Attendant to Time Guardian while upgrading your database. We recommend upgrading to version Time Guardian 2.5.11 when originating from Time Attendant - there will be less likelihood for data corruption and smoother transition. When finally opened in version 2.5.11, update the executable file with version 3.1.4 and the same method to updating to version 4.0.6. Versions 3.1.4 and 4.0.6 is available in under Time Guardian or click here and here.

  1. With a default install, navigate to c:program files ime attendant
  2. Copy all the *.ff2 files to your c:/ Time Guardian, you may need to overwrite all to overwrite your blank install of TG
  3. Start time guardian, go to the communication menu and look for autoupdate
  4. After autoupdate shows Sending…, to add your clock setup - follow the Time Guardian user guide on page 4-28 for the Location Tab of the Communication Settings. 
Note: The user guide can be found in your Time Guardian cd or in c:/Time guardian. Update password for 3.1.4 is attendance. Update password for 4.0.6 is rockville.


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