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Quickbooks sync & integration requirements/guidelines

Quickbooks sync/integration requirements:

Install the following programs which are included in the Time Guardian CD:
  • QBFC 8.0 - check your Windows add/remove programs if already present
  • Enter new employees in QB only, then file menu - sync in TG
  • When running payroll in TG, make sure you are not in QB’s payroll section - scheduled or unscheduled
  • No commas in QB employee fields
  • No letters in QB employee phone number fields
  • Any employees that will use the clock will need to have a QB account number
  • Any hourly employee in QB will require the "use time data" checked from their QB employee’s rate page
  • QB pay item names(hourly,reg, ot, overtime, etc.) must be 21 or less characters
  • Salaried that will use the clock should be filtered out in the TG payroll profile
  • TG payclass - overtime setting - hours authorization should be disabled unless if daily hours per employee should be approved by check mark per day line
  • QB employees that do not have a common QB pay item should have a separate TG payroll profile per group/per department
  • Optional- QB "customer:job" or "service item" fields can be mapped as TG departments or labor level for hours job costing

  • Additional info:
Note: Applies to Time Guardian 5.x, Plus, Pro 4.x, and Quickbooks 2009 or higher (desktop software only, web not supported)

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