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Military Time

To set Time Guardian to military time:

  1. Go to edit
  2. Setup
  3. Click Company
  4. Global settings
  5. Then change time format

To set military time for PIX or TCX and other mechanical clocks, use the linked manuals:

  1. I read thru the Amano PIX-200 Time Clock Manual and didn’t find the instructions on how to change the time from AM PM to 24 hour or Military Time.Does this Clock have this option>Regards,Tom REPLY: Please call 800 253 9836.

  2. The Amano shows a time clock than military time. How can I adjust it to codes same like here REPLY: Please call 800 367 6649. Changing formats is available in the manual. We may able to provide you with a copy and the page.

  3. Need to know how to set the amano no computer time clock to military time. ============================================================================================== REPLY: This depends on the model. Please call 800 896 7035

  4. I have to reset my print style since the clock was unplugged for several months during construction. I need the print out to show[year,month,date,24H,100th], but I do not see the code for that print style. It has printed this date before, so I know it can do it. Please send me the correct code for this print style: year,month,date,24H,100thThank you. ============================================================================= REPLY: Please call us so we can verify your model number. 800 253 9836

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