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How to set up seven minute rule

How to set up seven minute rule

On Time Guardian version 4 or lower:
  1. Go to setup
  2. Wizard
  3. Pay policy tab
  4. Pay policy setup
  5. Rounding rules
  6. Select yes
  7. By default it will be set to 15/7 setting

Note: Rounding is assigned by pay policy then the pay policy is assigned to the employee

This will round each punch to the nearest next quarter of the hour if the minute value is equal or greater than the point setting. A simulation button is available for testing.

For version 5 or higher:
  1. Go to the edit menu
  2. Setup wizard
  3. Pay class
  4. Press the pay class button
  5. Go to the rounding rules tab
  6. If tab is disabled
  7. You can access the rounding rules via
  8. The time guardian tree on the left side
  9. Under today
  10. Setup
  11. Shifts
  12. Rounding templates
  13. Open a template or create a new one using the plus sign on the bottom right
  14. Rounding can be setup under
  15. First in/last out
  16. Open schedule
  17. Break / meal
(Depending on which you have chosen to enable)

Punch rounding - rounds each individual punch (meals may be excluded)
Hour rounding - rounds the hours total of punch pairs

Note: Rounding is assigned to shift, shift can be assigned to a schedule template, template can be assigned to schedule, schedule can be assigned to the employee

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