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EX-6000 Operation Manual

Download the EX-6000 operation manual, see attached.

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  • ex-6000_series_operation_manual.pdf (1.04 MB) 10681
  • ex-6000n_operation_manual.pdf (1.64 MB) 3037
    1. hi, good afternoona have one ex-6000. i need two new battery back up could u inform to me the spesification of that battery? please reply our email...thanks a lot REPLY: Please call 800 253 9836.

    2. Hi, We have a Amano EX-6001. I need the In/Out rubber push buttons for this model. Would you know where i can get them? Thank you for your Help! REPLY: Please call 800 253 9836.

    3. I have one Ex-6000 need to replace two batteries inside. Could you please let me know the battery model or compatible replacement. Thanks. REPLY: Please call 800 367 6649.

    4. Good morning,Could you please send me the operation manual for EX 6000 in Spanish.I really would appreciate your prompt reply.Best Regards, ============================================================================== REPLY: Unfortunately, this model is discontinued and we no longer have a copy of the Spanish manual or other languages than English.

    5. I downloaded the operations manual for the EX6000 so I could reprogram the signal times.My EX6000 does not have the slide switch to the left as described in the manual. It has a 3 sided shaft to the back of the buttons. Could you tell me which manual to download? Reply: Please verify if you have the regular 6000 or 6000N, then contact 800 896 7035 or

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