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Amano Time Unit

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Phone 1-800-896-7035

Fax 1-973-226-7863 - New Knowledge Base!

  1. I have an employee in the system that won't show up on the hours summary report. She is reflected everywhere. Could it be that she was previous employed by us and under a different name? Please help. REPLY: This can happen if an employee is filtered out, please call 800 896 7035.

  2. Hello I have a amano pix-75 and it stopped working.. When I insert the card it does not sense it. Everything else seems to work fine. When when I push reset. The motor resets. Need helpp. Tha k youuu REPLY: Please call 800 253 9836.

  3. I need software copy to install in new computer REPLY: Please call 800 896 7035.

  4. When I log in successfully, it looks like the software opens but stays minimize in the task bar and won’t let me maximize it. What can I do? REPLY: Please call 800 253 9836.

  5. On the ammano pix3000x advances two minutes by itself, if I correct that advance it will do it again. One minute the first month two minutes the second month and stays that way if you don’t correct the issue. Is there any way to do the correction permanent? REPLY: Please call 800 253 9836.

  6. how do i change day on my amano pix-55 ? have download operation manual an does not tell me . thxs REPLY: Please call 800 253 9836.

  7. Please how can I adjust annamano Ax 2000 time recorder. Can you provide us a copy of it’s uer manual. Thanks REPLY: Please call 800 253 9836.

  8. Bought mtx 30 and installed guardian software but when try to open by putting user and password opens or tries to load the program after few seconds drops and closes, tried to re install guardian but same results, please advice REPLY: Please call 800 896 7035. This is an antivirus block.

  9. My Client has a MTX-15. When we start TimeGuardian and enter valid credentials, we are encountering the following message:"Exceeded the maximum number of concurrent users allowed!"The TimeGuardian software is only installed on One computer and is only initiated by one user. What is causing this issue and how can we fix it? ============================================================================== REPLY: A normal restart of the pc will normally cure this problem. 800 896 7035

  10. I have a HandPunch 1000E and use Time Guardian Software version 5.5 and for some reason I can not get an employee to go inactive - it will not save the information. I am set up as a Supervisor and I just need to know if I have a setting incorrect? ============================================================================== REPLY: Try this... 1. In employee list, highlight emp 2. Click globe icon 3. Select general 4. Check inactive settings 5. Check inactive 6. Set date 7. Then green check mark

  11. time clock has this message *FRONT PANEL**VERSION 1.0* ============================================================================== REPLY: Please call 800 896 7035 for troubleshooting. The clock may need to be power cycled or factory reset.

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