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  1. Time guardian date is incorrect.For example, my employees been clocking in on Monday, and the system automatically has been pushing them to Tuesday. REPLY: Please call 800 896 7035. There could be an issue with your payclass being set to AFTER MIDNIGHT.

  2. The Computer that I Utilize had been updated to Windows 10 and reports are not printing out. What would be the next step to resolve problem.Time Guardian MTX15 was just purchased Last Month. Your urgent reply waits. Thank you. ============================================================================================== REPLY: If the reports do not show and you are in a rush, simply go to c:\timeguardian\report\ most recent pdf should be the last ran. Call us to relink with Adobe - 800 896 7035. We may check your contract.

  3. I need to upgrade to windows 7. It lacks the controller to synchronize with the puncher. ================================================================================== REPLY: If you are referring to the MTX15, you may need to order a USB commstick - 800 367 6649. If you are referring to the Handpunch, you will need an IO Gear USB serial adapter - GUC232A.

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