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Pix-10/15/21 Operation Manuals

The attached Operation Manuals discuss how to install, setup, and operate your Amano Model PIX-10/15/21 Time Clocks. Please view and/or download these attachments for complete operational instructions.

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  • pix-10-15_oper_manual.pdf (345.83 KB) 16188
    1. We Have Amano timeclock model 9501 series 9500during recent new ownership the key has not been found and the time and date are way off. how can we get a key? REPLY: Please call 800 253 9836.

    2. i have 5 Amano TS 3000i time clocks, we moved and they were taken offline, then reinstalled. all of them are locked in the down position.. how can I free them ? I tired to reboot, change the battery, and muscle them back in position and all has failed.. Any Ideas ? REPLY: Please call 800 253 9836.

    3. How to reset the time? We have lost our owner’s manual. Thanking you,J. Dawson REPLY: Please call 800 253 9836.

    4. How do I change the year, It still says 98? REPLY: Please call 800 253 9836.

    5. PIX-10 - Quick programming mode does not work. It only does the "print Style" selection, but will not go onto date / time selection. It will program with code 8088. REPLY: Please call 800 253 9836.

    6. LED display on our Pix 10 went blank. Any idea? REPLY: Please call 800 253 9836.

    7. When I enter code 6570, it does not bring up pdate, but rather Prog9 again. cant seem to get to where I need to update date and time. REPLY: Please call 800 253 9836.

    8. my Amano PIX-10 model PIX10 has some lines in the middle and the numbers 8,9,6,has a line and can’t figure out sometimes REPLY: Please call 800 253 9836.


    10. I have 26 employees that no longer work for us anymore . I am trying to delete them with no luck can you steer me in the right Direction? Thank you, Dennis Demarco 6316807122 REPLY: Normally we do not recommend to delete but instead, set them inactive. Simply go to the employee section, open the employees and check the inactive box and supply a date. If the inactive date is older than your current period then it will free the space for new employee additions immediately. 800 896 7035x2

    11. my pix-10 will not print and the screen is reading E4 Prt can someone help me? REPLY: Please call 800 253 9836.

    12. Clock is reading e3 part what does that mean. The clock will not print at all. I hit the reset button but it goes to e3 or e4 . Can you help me. REPLY: Please call 800 253 9836.

    13. We have a pix-10 and it uses military time but is there any way we can change that to regular time?? REPLY: This will depend on the program code used to enter in the programming area. See page 5 - 6

    14. I have a very old PIX-10. I am able to change the date but when I want to move on to change the time, it goes right back to say prog and then back to the da te. if I press either enter or change it goes right back to the time display and I can’t get the time function to come up so I can change it ============================================================================================================================================== REPLY: There is a passcode to enter programming and can be confused for time setting or date. We recommend to follow the manual for better guidance. See link -

    15. My PIX 10 just turn off. NOthing will work to turn it on. What shall I do? ============================================================================== REPLY: Try a different outlet. Check to see if the power cord in the back of your unit is securely plugged in. You may need to replace the power supply or the clock needs to be diagnosed.

    16. Does the PIX 21 model calculate the time/hours for the end of pay period? If so, how? The manual I have does not have the information regarding this. ============================================================================== REPLY: This model is not capable but MRX-35 can calculate.

    17. lost the manual for my PIX-10, could not find it on your website. ============================================================================== REPLY:

    18. Our time system got stuck on mar 3 we fixed it but now all the time is scheduled for mar 3 how can we fix it to proplerly adjust the time ============================================================================== REPLY: For setting time, see page 6-7 for pix10/21 See page 5-6 for pix 10/15

    19. How do I adjust the minutes-it is fast. ============================================================================== REPLY: See manual on setting time -

    20. Tried calling the number above for troubleshooting and was out on hold for way too long. Can’t afford to tie up my phone line that long. We are trying to find out how we can change the ink in our PIX-21 without a key, since we appear to have misplaced it. Thanks. ============================================================================== REPLY: Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the ink without the key.

    21. I need to change the minutes on my PIX-10. Can I do that without resetting the entire thing? I don’t have any idea what our code is as I don’t think I have the user’s manual. REPLY: Here's the user manual -

    22. How do I set the date anf time on the Amano PIX-10 time clock? My Amano PIX-55 doesn’t show anything. What could that mean? Reply: pix10 manual - pix55 manual -

    23. I can’t fix our PIX55. I reset all information Reply: Please call 800 253 9836.

    24. Can i reset the seconds on my PIX-10-15 Reply: Unfortunately, no. Only hours/minutes can be set which is confirmed in the manual.

    25. we own a PIX 10 model PIX 55 serial number 372760208 the printing of 12 apr 13 5:02 pm when it prints 12 apr 13 is clear 5:02 pm is not clear it looks as it invisable lines threw the number so the ink will not stick. Reply: Please contact us at 800 253 9836 / so we may troubleshoot the issue.

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