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HP Serial Connection Procedure for Time Guardian v5.0

The below steps establishes serial connection to handpunch terminals with Time Guardian version 5, plus, or pro


  1. Connect the hp terminal to the serial port com1 or com2
  2. Then on time guardian (tg), go to
  3. Edit > setup
  4. Clock > yes, yes, no, yes
  5. Click on location terminal
  6. Click garbage if says fpt or mtx
  7. Press the plus sign
  8. Enter hp in name
  9. Choose the term type as model of your hp
  10. Go to connection tab, direct
  11. Select com1 or 2
  12. Next tab, terminal
  13. Press add
  14. Terminal # to 1
  15. Change validation to default
  16. Verify active is checked
  17. Click green check mark
  18. Press green check again
  19. Press green check again
  20. Go to communications
  21. Highlight hp
  22. 4 green buttons on bottom right
  23. Press 2nd from left, this will set time - to test communication








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