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How to move employees from Time Guardian 4 or lower to TimeGuardian Series

How to move Employees from Time Guardian v4.0 or lower to Time Guardian v5.x or Time Guardian plus v2.x or Time Guardian Pro v4.x?

Exporting employees from old time guardian version:
  1. Right click on the old time guardian icon (version 4 or lower)
  2. Vlick on find target
  3. Locate and run the import_export app
  4. Click on export
  5. Give it a name, any will do
  6. Check employee, then click next
  7. Double click on EMPNumber, LastName, MiddleName, FirstName, HireDate, IsActive
  8. Make sure the above fields are on the right side box as opposed to the left
  9. Click next
  10. Click export
  11. Verify it exported to the location you chose before you click export

Importing employee list to new time guardian version:
  1. In your new time guardian 5(or higher version), go to wizard, go to the employee tab
  2. Select yes for employee import
  3. Click the employee import
  4. Click the plus icon on the top left
  5. Provide any name
  6. In the file name press the folder to select the file that you’ve exported previously
  7. Configure next tab for comma delimited
  8. Configure date format as follows:
  9. Single digits for month and day, 4 digits for year
  10. In the import default settings tab:
  11. Set employee number is as it is
  12. Badge and payroll will be same as employee number
  13. Choose your appropriate time zone
  14. In the import field maps
  15. Choose employee number 1st
  16. The last name, middle name, first name, hire date
  17. Press the save button on the top left which is the diskette icon
  18. Click on the green box with check mark at the bottom right
  19. Finally reopen the employee importer, verify the name is what you’ve created and press the import button
  20. At the bottom right which is the orange down arrow beside the green box with the check mark

Note: Search video in Youtube

  1. I have followed the steps fully and each time I try to import I get an unknown null error REPLY: Please call 800 896 7035.

  2. I would like to upgrade TG 4 to TG 5.5 MS SQL with all employee, punches and payroll data. REPLY: This is not possible as 4 and 5 have different db structures. Please call 800 896 7035 for more info.

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