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How to load/install USB CommStik driver into Windows 7

Amano recommends using the following steps to load/install a USB CommStik driver into Windows 7. This is procedure is specific to Windows 7, but the same method can be applied to other Windows operating systems.
Follow this procedure;
  1. Click to download a file (
  2. Open the zip file.
  3. Run the application cdm inside.
  4. Right click on "My Computer" and select Manage > Device Manager > Ports to find out the port number for the USB CommStik or USB serial adapter.
  5. From Time Guardian Menu, click on Edit > Wizard Setup > Clock tab > and Yes to Configure Your Terminals?
  6. Click on the Location/Terminal button and from the Location Connection screen change the Com port number to the appropriate number obtained in step 4.  
  1. Can I please get a download link for the COMM stick Driver for Windows 7 REPLY: There are several types which depends on your TG version. 800 896 7035

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