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Punches are going to the day after or the next line down


When employees punch in and out, it shows the correct day under the Day (IN Punch) and Day (OUT Punch), but under Date and Day on the timecard, it is always one day ahead.  Example:  If John Doe punches in on Monday, it will appear under Tues for the Day on the timecard.

How can I change this so that the program registers the punch on the correct day?

  1. Verify what Pay Class the employee is assigned to.
  2. Go to the top menu and select  Edit > Setup Wizard > Pay Class tab > click on the Pay Class button. 
  3. Make sure you are editing the Pay Class used by your problem employee.
  4. Check the Do employees of this Pay Class work pass 2:00am? box .
  5. Make sure the radio button for Before Midnight is checked.
  6. Next, save the settings.
  7. Then, uncheck the Do employees of this payclass work pass 2:00am? box.
  8. Now, save the settings again. 
  9. Finally, check if the problem is fixed.
Note: For 3rd shift or "grave shift employees", they will need a separate Pay Class and the Do employees of this payclass work pass 2:00am? box does need to be enabled with day change time of 11:00am (typically).


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