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How can I see QuickBook certificate with AMANO seal?

Question: How can I see QuickBook certificate with AMANO seal?

Download the attached QBbridge.rar file. Unzip and replace the QBbridge.exe into Payroll folder of your Time Guardian series install directory.
i.e. C:/TimeGuardian/Payrolls

Note: Pleae disregard Step:2, if you never approved the Amano certificate for QuickBook synchronization with Time Guardian Series.

  1. Open your QuickBook applicataion.
  2. Select Preferences option from Edit menu.
  3. Select Integrated Application option.
  4. Select Company Preferences tab.
  5. Select the mainunit application from the table and click Remove button to delete it

Select Synchronize Employee(s) with Payroll option from File menu in Time Guardian Series and follow the instruction in QuickBook Integration document.

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