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Hand Punch not bringing in punches in Trutime

After my Hand Punch was reset punches are not coming into Trutime.

Trutime loaded specific Menu information into HP2000, 3000, 4000. If one of these models are reset intentionally or unintentionally. Then the Menu file needs to be reloaded. Otherwise employees will punch at the terminal and no punches will come across to the Trutime software. 

Go to Communications> Non ACI Terminals Polling/Downloading> Terminal tab. 
Select the Location at the top of the screen, then highlight the terminal and click on Advanced Setup.
In the top Right corner there is an application drop down menu. Select HP2-3.hpm for HP3000. Select HP4.hpm for HP4000.
Once the right application is click OK, this will download the menu file to the selected HP.

NOTE: All punches done prior to this were lost due to improper formatting.

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