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How to update IP settings for the Hand Punch unit and in TruTime

Below are steps on how to update time for the Hand Punch unit in the Trutime software

  1. Simply access the HP as a supervisor using the clear + enter keys together
  2. Use password 2
  3. Select set serial
  4. When prompted - change the IP address, gateway, host bits


Note: If you miss the change to enter the information, you can cycle to the different IP settings or it will cycle automatically


  1. In Trutime, go to the communication tab
  2. Then non-aci
  3. Then location tab
  4. Update the IP of each location by using pencil icon 


Note: To change between locations use the left and right arrow icons

  1. Good afternoon,I am the administrator for our employees here at CanElson Drilling to add and delete employees etc. I cannot remember my password to get into the portal to view time, make changes, etc. Can you please assist?I would also like to know if an employee can view their hours somehow by using the clock. For example, is there a way for them to view their running totals instead of having to ask me or the payroll dept??Thank you in advance for your time and assistance. I look forward to hearing from you soon.Kim Nix432.563.0411 ======================================= REPLY: Please email to and verify: Company name Address Phone Your name Job title As for totals on the clock, this will depend on how often you poll the punches then download after 30 minutes. You can also purchase the web module and setup a pc for them to login and check their individual hours. This still relies on how often you poll the clock.

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