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    1. I cannot get clock in and out for all employee but their finger records are still on the TG terminal. How do i get them? REPLY: This happens if you have a usb cable issue or IP address change. 800 896 7035

    2. Our administrator has left and we cannot add new employees to the terminal (she used her fingerprint). How do we bypass this to set up a new administrator? REPLY: Please call 800 896 7035.

    3. How do I reset the fpt-80? REPLY: Select clear maps from the software communication or in the clock menu, use system - data mgmt - clear all.

    4. The email address listed abo does not work. REPLY: You can try tgsupport, at, amano, dot, com. 800 896 7035

    5. how do I synch the users I added to thetimeclock to timeguardina REPLY: This is not possible or even the other way around. You have to enter them in TG then enroll finger in the clock separately. 800 896 7035x2

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