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How to sync Hand Punch and Time Guardian via modem

Below are steps on how to sync Hand Punch and Time Guardian via modem:

  1. Connect HP to a telephone line
  2. Connect the PC to a different telephone line
  3. Install TG on PC, add employee (badge number must be same number used for HP)
  4. To enroll employee on HP, press clear + enter then password 4 + enter (1st enrolled is automatically a supervisor)
  5. ID# used to enroll on HP must match badge number used for employee on TG
  6. On HP, press clear and test punch (score is confirmation for punch)
  7. On TG, setup menu > terminal - specify terminal details for modem and telephone number of HP, save
  8. In the terminal tab, add terminal 1
  9. Confirm employees is listed on assignments tab, if not double click on terminal 1(highlighted in blue)
  10. Click on the new white paper icon and add/select all employees
  11. Go to HP commands, poll - this will poll the test punch to your software
  12. Then download - this will send day light saving settings to your clock
  13. Then receive maps - this will backup the enrollments to your software

Recommended: Poll daily

Note: The above steps only applies to Time Guardian version 4.0.6 or lower.

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