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User Guide for MTX-15 Time Clock

Download the attached User Guide/Manual for MTX-15 Time Clock. This document describes "How to use MTX-15 Time Clock using Time Guardian Series software" 

This model is the replacement for the old/discontinued MTX-5.

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    1. The Display on my MTX-15 has gone do I fix that REPLY: Please call 800 896 7035, unit may need repair.

    2. We are having an issue with the clock ins. They clock in on Monday but it is showing up on Tuesday how do we fix that? Thank you. REPLY: You may have the wrong setting in your payclass.

    3. TRYING TO ADD A NEW EMPLOYEE AND I HAVE TRIED 2 DIFFERENT BADGES AND KEEP GETTING ERROR EOO ID NOT FOUND. I HAVE PREFORMED A TERMINAL VALIDATION WHAT I’M I MISSING REPLY: Normally a download and that the validation includes this employee. If still fails, please call us - 800 896 7035.

    4. We are having trouble with our time card machine. Model number MTX-15. An example of what is happening is an employee clocks in on a Saturday at 6pm and then clocks out on a Sunday at 3am. It puts the time all on sunday and tells us that employee worked 17 hours? The owner has to go in and manually fix the issues and sometimes it wont fix. Sometimes times will disappear, thats before and after she manually enters the times. How do we fix the problem? Can you please help us. Please email us at Thank you REPLY: Please check your email.

    5. Hello, we are noticing a glitch causing missed punches. When graveyard employees punch out the next morning, they get an error. I haven’t seen the code myself but need direction on how to correct this. Thank you!Rosie REPLY: Please note the error and call us. 800 896 7035

    6. I’m trying to add a new employee and it keeps saying card error. I need help please REPLY: Please perform a download in communications or call 800 896 7035.

    7. I am trying to add new employees to system, but It isn’t allowing me to do so, when employees are punching in codes, it’s not found. I am not able to edit employee information, will only show on my end on the computer but when EE are punching in old employee name appears. Please Help! REPLY: You will need to download in communication to update your clock with the new employee name. 800 896 7035x2

    8. I have a MTX-15 and when opening the program is not accepting my password as manager. is there a master passcode/username in order to acces the program? REPLY: Please contact 800 896 7035x2 for assistance.

    9. I need to replace some wore out employee badges for the TG v5, MTX 15 time clock. My question is; do I order the 1-25 cards to replace the same number card or do I have to order the 26-51 to replace all of the employees cards (badges)? REPLY: You can do either or but if you order 26-51 atleast you can have a new range of numbers to use for new employees. 800 896 7035

    10. My computer was updated to windows 10. Now there is no communication with the Amano MTX15.serial REPLY: This can happen if your TG version is not compatible with win10. Please call 800 896 7035.

    11. Lost power and screen is asking for a password to unlock it, but it won’t accept any numbers REPLY: Please call 800 896 7035.

    12. today is February 29, but my terminal is reading March 1st, how do you edit the date? REPLY: Depending on version, this will be under communication - set time. Highlight the mtx15 and select green box with circle - located on bottom/right. 800 896 7035


    14. I just upraded to Time Guardian V5 from V4 that worked with the MTX-15 terminal. After the upgrade the terminal is indicating invalid badge when employees clock. Please confirm items to check with this. REPLY: invalid badge error requires a download. For v5, go to communication, highlight 15, press green box with down arrow.

    15. I have a box that come up with the following: address violation at address 7C90100B in module "ntdll.dll" Read of address 0000004C. What can I do to get this off my screen. ============================================================================================== REPLY: Please call us for assistance. We may need to verify your support contract if necessary. Amano Time Unit Technical Support Phone 1-800-896-7035 Fax 1-973-226-7863

    16. Hello, Is there a way that my employees can walk up to the MTX-15 and see there total amount of hours for the current week?Thanks, ============================================================================== REPLY: This will require a constant download from the communication. It's best to contact us so we can enable the setting. 800 896 7035x2

    17. I am unable to add new employees into the system - the card reader will not register - please help ================================================================================== REPLY: After adding to time guardian, you will need to do a download. Go to communication and choose download or bottom right blue box with down green arrow. Finally, test swipe. 800 896 7035

    18. I have an employee that will not de-activate. I am using TimeGuardian version 5.5.0. I can go thru the motions of adding my employee as inactive but after i save and go back - it is still shows active and info to deactivate is gone. ============================================================================== REPLY: Try this... HOW TO SET INACTIVE 1. In employee list, highlight emp 2. Click globe icon 3. Select general 4. Check inactive settings 5. Check inactive 6. Set date 7. Then green check mark

    19. My computer was erased due to a virus, I have installed all files again but we lost the cd of our Amano MTX15 time clock , serial number 311138792. Tel. 1-800-253-9836 is in the plate. We are only 15 employee. How can I get a copy of the software cd?, we can pay for it, no problem. ============================================================================== REPLY: Please call 800 896 7035 and we can provide a download if you have a contract but we need to check your version first.

    20. Hello, My company is upgrading our PC’s to the Windows 8 platform and I need to know if the MTX-15 time clock and software will be compatible? Also, if in fact it is compatible - how would I go about transferring all data from the old PC system running Windows 7 64bit over to the new PC system Windows 8 64bit? ============================================================================== REPLY: Only version 5.5.x is compatible with win8. If you have version 4 or lower, you will need to purchase version 5. If you have version 5.2 or lower, the upgrade can be provided as download if you have a valid support contract. For upgrade instructions, please call 800 896 7035x2.

    21. I am needing to do payroll for our business 2 days early since I’ll be out of town. Now, I am getting a message telling me I can’t ad future punches. What can I do? ============================================================================== REPLY: Unfortunately, this is a limitation in the old discontinued version. Please call us for further assistance - 800 896 7035.

    22. MPX-15 timegaurdian clock: Where in the UserGuide does it explain how to recycle a used badge from an inactive employee. Or does the employee have to be deleted/terminated to be able to reuse that badge for a new employee?Thank you Reply: This will depend on the version. Please call us at 800 896 7035.

    23. Does the Time Guardian MTX-15 allow concurrent users? Reply: Only on version TG 5.x, Plus 1.x, Pro

    24. I am getting an error message that says the following locations does not have terminals Triangle with exclamation point Default Reply: Please check all your connections and call 800 896 7035 if the issue still persists.

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