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Software Activation Guide for Time Guardian Series (TG 5.x, TG Plus 2.x, TG Pro 4.x)

Download the attached Software Activation Guide for Time Guardian Series (Time Guardian 5.x, Time Guardian Plus 2.x, Time Guardian Pro 4.x)

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    1. I can't find my serial number or activation code for my software. We give our computer an upgrade and now the program is requesting the code to use it again. I have 11 years working on tis company and the software was already installed. Is there any possibility that we can have this serial number? Thanks for your help. REPLY: This can be on the clock sticker or call 800 896 7035.

    2. I NEED AN ACTIVATION CODE FOR ENTER TO THE AMANO TIME GUARDIAN . REPLY: This is confidential, please call 800 896 7035.

    3. How do I know if I have the latest version? Are there updates available? REPLY: You may contact 800 896 7035 or tgsupport (a) amano (dot) com.

    4. I need to install the software on the main computer and back up computer. I did on the main but the second one I can’t activate the software. I need help ============================================================================== REPLY: If you need a backup pc that will also host the database, you cannot reuse your activation - you will need a separate activation. If you are referring to a tg client workstation as your backup and it's presenting an ASA error then it is not connecting to your main tg/server pc. 800 896 7035

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