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Viewing/printing reports

Viewing/printing reports


Reports can be generated from the OUTPUT section.
If none are listed, you can press the bottom right plus sign to create.
The most commonly used are Hours Summary, Timecard Report, & Exceptions Report.

When the report does not pop-up, contact support to relink with Adobe or you can still access the report from c:/timeguardian/reports folder. You may also want to check the same folder from your TG server.

  1. Is there a way to simplify the time card detail report? Can I export the data to Excel? REPLY: It can be simplified , please contact the support line on the bottom of the tg app.

  2. I tried to generate report but there is no option shows up .not even the "Labor Analysis". please help me to get the report REPLY: You may have a create your reports if you are not the first user. Please create hours summary or time card detail. 800 896 7035

  3. When i run reports, it will ask to open the reports, but nothing opens. How can i fix this? REPLY: If you still need help... You can email tgsupport at- amano dot- com. Otherwise, please ignore this message.

  4. can you give me step by step directions on how to pull payroll please REPLY: Please call 800 896 7035. Running payroll (not report) is within the OUTPUT section - then payroll.

  5. I am trying to run payroll summary but the thru dates are incorrect. How can I correct the problem? Thank you. REPLY: You can edit the report profile and set the date range manually. 800 896 7035

  6. When i do the report to add up the hours, it is incorrect February has 31 days and it shows that people clocked on those days. Also Time for some days are missing. REPLY: Please call us so we can identify the report used. 800 896 7035x2

  7. I have entered everything into the system but nothing works. It ask if I want to review the report but nothing shows up. You REPLY: We can fix this for you, please call 800 896 7035x2.

  8. I can’t generate the Time Sheet Report for my employees. How I can resolve this problem? Thanks REPLY: Please call 800 896 7035x2.

  9. When I run a report it will not open to pdf. REPLY: Your new Adobe needs to be relinked with TG. Please call us at 800 896 7035.

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