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New version release: Time Guardian v5.7 and Pro v4.7

Please contact technical support to request this version. 800 896 7035

List of x.7 features:

·         Video links from installer menu

·         Tremendous speed improvement to QuickBooks integration and better error logging, from the old 30 minutes to few seconds of payrol run

·         Support for 30 bell lines from 16 limit for MTX30 models

·         Easy access to 800 support line

·         Added Heartland payroll support

·         Updated communication icons with text labels

·         Removed false positive detection with most antiviruses

·         Support for alphanumeric serial on wifi MTX30



Fixes on x.7:

·         No OT split support for custom paycodes

·         Match negative entries on apache/web with existing java client functionality

·         Improved 3rd/night shift calculation when transitioning to new period

·         Support for Historical report in other timezones than EST

·         Disable bell ring on swipe with MTX30

·         Prevent crash when wrong model clock is used/entered

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