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Version TG 5.6 and Pro 4.6 changes/patches

Note: These items will be built-in to version 5.7 and Pro 4.7.

List of x.6 features:

·         Delete of employee shows user, not system

·         Adobe is removed

·         Fixed disappearing hours authorization a/b/u from advanced payclass settings

·         FPT or MTX30 missing punches can be imported

·         Counter for unused employee limit

·         Fixed web global edit for hundredths

·         Support Win10 and Server 2016

·         Support for up to QuickBooks v17 or 2017

·         Can use 9 digit badge for MTX30 and 5 digit for FPT80



Current Patches for x.6:

·         No manual recalculate for 3rd shift

·         Faster QuickBooks payroll

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