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How to enroll fingers with FPT-80 or MTX-30F


With versions 5.6 and up, you are able to load names from pc to clock. This can be done using the app, in communication, select clock name, press RECV then DOWN.

  • RECV will backup existing fingers
  • DOWN will place names to unit
  • Keep away from CLEAR or SEND
  • SEND is used to load backup fingers to a clock that needs more fingers or is blank


  1. m/ok press
  2. user, press m
  3. manage, press m
  4. pick a name, press m
  5. edit, m
  6. ver type = FP (use left right arrow to change)
  7. enroll fp, m
  8. scan finger 3x
  9. press m, esc 2x, m



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