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Hand Punch

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    1. We sent our HP 1000E to Florida for testing, cleaning, a new battery, and calibration. It is the only entry unit on our system other than manual entry intto Time Guardian. The HP 1000E unit is now returned and it is again highly reliable in taking hand punches. But the unit is not communicating with Time Guardian. I was not the one who set up the system initially, so I am at a bit of a loos to know where to start, what to check, and what to enter where. REPLY: You may call 800 896 7035 and declare that this is a recent repaired unit.

    2. we had to replace our accounting computer again and I’ve installed time guardian 4 and I keep getting the message that "the following location does not have terminals". I know there is something simple that I am forgetting to do in the set up terminal page but I can’t figure it out. I have an HP-1000. And will I need to re-enroll everyone’s hands? REPLY: Normally you will not need to reenroll but terminal 0 is for network connection and terminal 1 is everything else. 800 896 7035

    3. Good Afternoon.I have six terminal HP1000 whit serial comunication. I need 6 port com in handpunch utility. How can i do it??Thanks for your collaboration ============================================================================== REPLY: Please email or call 800 896 7035. We are unclear about your need for "6 port com".

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