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Badge or tag converter for Hand Punch

Customers with an integration combination of Hand Punch clocks, Time Guardian, and access software (Nexus, AmanoNet) where a tag is presented on the Hand Punch external access reader and a hand print is requested. The badge number in the software does may not match with the user ID in the clock. The attached utility allows for conversion from badge number to user ID.

  1. Utility reads "badges" file (see sample attached) - must be comma separated and badge/tag is on last column
  2. Press Convert
  3. Press Save
  4. Then converted file (see sample attached) named "badgesmap" which now shows converted number on last column that may be used for deletion of user from clock

  • Badge/tag is 36 bits
  • Clock user ID is 26 bits

Again, this occurs when proximity cards/badges/fobs are used with the clock.

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  • badgesmap.txt (92 Bytes) 765
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