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Clearing Corruption out of Den tables in Time Guardian that was converted from Trutime

Sometimes the Densummary and Denormalized_table1 will become corrupt beyond repair. So you will from time to time need to clear them out. For customers who started from scratch in Time Guardian this is a simple delete command. 

First rule: MAKE A BACK UP!!

This article assumes the reader has foreknowledge of registering a database in ibconsole, iboconsole, flame robin, MSSQL or any other future DB management software.

If you have a customer who was converted from Trutime you MAY NOT delete all of their Denormalized Data. Restoring Trutime history into TGP will take more then a day ad the help of a programmer. You need to acertain when they were converted from Trutime and selectively delete data from these tables. Once you know the real world dates use YADU(Found in the Time Guardian Tools directory) to convert them to a Java string as shown below. The two sample scripts below show deleting data from a single Employee. 

Start - 1173484800000

Stop  - 1174003200000

First Statement:

delete from denormalized_table1 where denutccalcdate >=1174089600000 and denutccalcdate <=1175212800000 and empid=629


delete from densummary where denutccalcdate >=1174089600000 and denutccalcdate <=1175212800000 and empid=629 

To delete everyone’s data; leave off ( and empid=629.)
This will delete all data in the selected date range.

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