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How to reset the Amano MTX-15 Terminal from permanent error codes

The attached provides a how to reset the MTX-15 from permanent error codes. Warning: When this procedure is performed on the clock, it will erase any data in the time clock device only - not the Time Guardian software in your computer.

The display on the MTX-15 shows E06 or "fatal error".

Follow the attached guide to clear the error code.

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    1. I tried this but my MTX-15 timeclock is now showing the Date and time as --Saturday, January 1 2000, 2:49am. Please help me reset the correct day, date and time. Please call me at 269-639-1309 or 269-637-1115. REPLY: You may call 800 896 7035x2 and we will be in touch soon, as well.

    2. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!

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